Urban Explorers is...

[1]  An adventure-driven social club that offers annual memberships. This allows you to SAVE MONEY.

[2]  A tour company that offers public and private tours to local area residents and out-of-town visitors.


SAVE MONEY! In most cases, members do not pay for Hikes & Tours. Non-members typically pay $25 - 50 per tour. They do not have access to our culinary adventures, cultural experiences and educational opportunities.


The essence of Urban Explorers of Atlanta (UXATL) is captured in three words: EXPLORE + DISCOVER + CONNECT.  The club was formed in December 2014 by a guy who loves to EXPLORE for people who love to EXPLORE. We focus on the built as well as the natural environments in and around the City of Atlanta.

When you EXPLORE you DISCOVER new things. One of the things we learned early on is, that when you EXPLORE on foot you DISCOVER things that you tend to miss when you are driving or even biking around. That's why most of our excursions are walking tours. That said, we also offer some really fun nature hikes and bike tours.

When you EXPLORE, you also CONNECT. You connect with your city in a new way, a more interesting way. If you come on one of our tours you will probably learn something new about the history of Atlanta or of a particular neighborhood. You might DISCOVER a new trail or park. 

The other thing that happens when you explore with UXATL is that you CONNECT with other people who like to explore (kindred spirits). People who like to explore tend to be interesting and fun. They love to learn and share new things.  These connections are the most tangible and valuable benefit of being a member.

OUR MISSION > UXATL was formed in December 2014 with a simple but important mission ― to Have FUN and make a DIFFERENCE. We accomplish the first part of our mission through an adventure-driven event program. We accomplish the second part through a a series of community service initiatives such as our Civil Conversations Project, our Give Back ATL program, our annual Winter Coat Drive and our ongoing Volunteer Work.


As of June 30, 2018 we had about 340 members. Our club is unique in that most of our members are mid to late-career professionals. The ratio of single vs married is 50/50. Our members are smart, successful and interesting.

They also like to have fun! We immerse ourselves in Atlanta's culture, its history and its food! We are interested in our city's past, present and future.

You should also know that our members . We care about its people, its history and its future. This unique combination of adventure and service forms the basis of our club's mission, which is to have FUN and make a DIFFERENCE.

If this point resonates with you, there is a very good chance you will enjoy being a member of our club.

Our Events

Our club hosts hundreds of events each year. About half of these are tours, most of which are open to the public. The others are a combination of culinary adventures, cultural experiences and educational opportunities. These are for members only.

If you look at our Membership Options you will see that we offer several types of memberships. The main difference has to do with the types of events each has access to.