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Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 07 Saturday Soirée
Jan 13 Dirty Doors: Doors Album 50th Anniversary
Jan 15 Wake-n-Bake Off
Jan 17 Tuesday Lunch Club: Midtown
Jan 18 Mystery Supper Club: Midtown, Peachtree
Jan 26 Ana Popovic
Jan 28 Connect w/ Compassion: A World Cafe Conversation
Jan 29 Westside Trail Walking Tour
Feb 01 Magellan Club Get-together
Feb 05 Super Bowl Party
Feb 09 Troubadour @ Alliance Theater
Feb 10 Fernbank After Dark
Feb 11 Saturday Soirée
Feb 12 Cafe 458 + MLK Nat'l Historic Site
Feb 15 Mystery Supper Club: Oakhurst
Feb 17 Inman Park Arbor Day Walking Tour
Feb 18 Atlanta's Historic Churches Walking Tour
Feb 19 Eastside Trail Learning Tour + Picnic
Feb 19 Mimosas & Mummies
Feb 21 Tuesday Lunch Club: Buckhead
Feb 26 Westside Trail Walking Tour
Mar 01 Mix & Mingle, Midtown
Mar 03 Billy Joel Tribute Show
Mar 04 Habitat for Humanity Build
Mar 04 Eastside Trail Learning Tour + Picnic
Mar 04 Saturday Soirée
Mar 05 Westside Trail Walking Tour
Mar 05 2017 Hunger Walk
Mar 09 The Temple Bombing @ Alliance Theater
Mar 10 Inman Park Picnic Tour
Mar 11 AB360: Sub-Area 1 Discovery Tour
Mar 12 Daylight Savings Time
Mar 13 Devon Allman Band
Mar 14 Tuesday Lunch Club: West Midtown
Mar 15 Martin Barre
Mar 18 Historic Churches Walking Tour
Mar 19 Discover the Secrets of Clear Creek
Mar 20 Spring Equinox
Mar 21 Urban Field Trip: Downtown Atlanta Master Plan
Mar 22 Mystery Supper Club: Virginia-Highlands, North
Mar 25 Sub-Area 2 Discovery Tour
Mar 26 Olmsted Linear Park Tour
Mar 30 Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing
Mar 31 In Search of Terminus
Apr 01 Westside Trail Bike Tour
Apr 02 Olmsted Plein Air: Piedmont Park
Apr 02 Westside Trail Walking Tour & Picnic
Apr 05 Olmsted Plein Air: Atlanta History Center
Apr 05 Travel Club Kick-off Mixer
Apr 06 Olmsted Plein Air: Downtown Decatur
Apr 07 Olmsted Plein Air: Olmsted Linear Park
Apr 07 Memorial Drive Greenway Sunset Stroll
Apr 08 Olmsted Plein Air: Olmsted Linear Park
Apr 09 Olmsted Plein Air: Paint Quick Competition
Apr 09 Fernbank Forest w/ Eli Dickerson
Apr 09 Battle of ATL Bike Tour & Picnic
Apr 11 Tuesday Lunch Club: Decatur
Apr 15 Sub-Area 3 Discovery Tour
Apr 19 Mystery Supper Club: Brookhaven
Apr 21 Regional Trip: Nashville
Apr 22 Earth Day Volunteer Project
Apr 28 Inman Park Tour of Homes + Lunch
Apr 29 Sub-Area 4 Walking Tour
Apr 30 Westside Trail Learning Tour + Picnic
May 03 Rooftop / Sunset Mix & Mingle, W-Buckhead
May 06 N. GA Mountain Adventure + Kentucky Derby Party
May 10 Mother's Finest
May 13 Sub-Area 5 Walking Tour
May 14 Sub-Area 1 Walking Tour
May 17 Mystery Supper Club: Westside Provisions District
May 20 Heritage Park Hike w/ Jonah McDonald
May 21 Service Day @ Cafe 458
May 27 Sub-Area 6: PCM to Armour Yard (Sweetwater)
May 28 Sub-Area 2: Adair Park to Grant Park (Eventide)
Jun 02 Atlanta Beltline Bus Tour
Jun 03 Rooftop Rendezvous @ Mediterranea
Jun 06 Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing
Jun 07 Atlanta’s Affordable Housing Forum
Jun 08 Eric Johnson @ Variety Playhouse
Jun 09 Atlanta Moon (Bike) Ride
Jun 10 Sub-Area 7: Lindbergh to Tanyard Creek
Jun 11 Sub-Area 3: Grant Park to Glenwood Park
Jun 14 Mystery Supper Club: Buckhead Village
Jun 15 Explore the Eastside Trail, Sunset Tour
Jun 16 Explore the Eastside Trail, Lunch Tour
Jun 17 Service Day: St Francis Table
Jun 17 Disc Golf Clinic & Picnic @ Perkerson Park
Jun 17 Olmsted Park 20th Ann Garden Party
Jun 18 Westside Trail Walking Tour
Jun 21 Summer Solstice Sunset Roll & Stroll
Jun 24 Sub-Area 8: Northside Dr to Marietta St
Jun 25 Sub-Area 4: Glenwood Park to Krog St Market
Jun 26 Westside Trail Update
Jun 27 Brewery-Based Development: Conversation + Tasting
Jun 29 Beltline PIZZA Lunch Tour
Jun 29 Beltline PIZZA Sunset Tour
Jul 01 Proctor Creek + Westside Reservoir Park Bike Tour
Jul 03 Journey Tribute Show
Jul 04 Freedom Park Bike & Hike (Walk)
Jul 06 Explore the Eastside Trail, Lunch Tour
Jul 06 Explore the Eastside Trail, Sunset Tour
Jul 08 Sub-Area 9: Huff Rd to Bankhead
Jul 09 Sub-Area 5: Inman Park to PCM
Jul 10 Culinary Event Team Meeting
Jul 12 Mix & Mingle, Loews Lobby Bar
Jul 13 Beltline PIZZA Sunset Tour
Jul 15 Resilient Atlanta Open House
Jul 15 Big Creek Greenway Bike & Brewery Tour
Jul 15 Saturday Soiree: Vegetarian
Jul 16 Experience the Westside Trail
Jul 17 Who is Atlanta building for?
Jul 19 Mystery Supper Club: Inman Park
Jul 21 Barenaked Ladies Under the Stars
Jul 22 Battle of ATL Bike Tour
Jul 22 Taste of Aglanta
Jul 23 Sub-Area 6: PCM to Ansley Park
Jul 24 Building Our Future Atlanta: Agenda Launch Party
Jul 24 ATL's Transportation Plan Public Meeting
Jul 25 ATL's Transportation Plan Public Meeting
Jul 27 Central Atlanta Progress Town Hall Meeting
Jul 29 Sub-area 10: Bankhead to West Lake
Jul 30 Olmsted Parks Bike Tour: Vine City to Decatur
Aug 05 MCE: Peruvian Dinner & Culinary Demonstration
Aug 06 Sub-Area 7: Lindbergh to Tanyard Creek
Aug 07 Culinary Event Planning Team
Aug 10 MODA Design Conversation: Brian Collins
Aug 16 Mystery Supper Club: Midtown, Crescent
Aug 19 Saturday Soiree: Summer Cookout
Aug 20 Sub-Area 8: Northside Dr to Marietta St
Aug 21 Solar Eclipse Field Trip to Tiger Mountain
Sep 02 Dragon Con Parade
Sep 03 Sub-Area 9: Huff Rd to Bankhead
Sep 06 Mix, Mingle & Dinner @ Georgia Beer Garden
Sep 08 Doors Tribute: Strange Days
Sep 09 Will Hoge @ Terminal West
Sep 09 Saturday Soiree: Greek
Sep 10 Sub-Area 1 Bike Tour: Adair Park to West End
Sep 14 Beltline PIZZA Lunch Tour
Sep 14 Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing
Sep 16 Historic Olmsted Park Tour
Sep 17 Sub-area 10: Bankhead to West Lake
Sep 20 Mystery Supper Club: Virginia-Highlands, South
Sep 21 Explore the Eastside Trail, Lunch Tour
Sep 22 Fall Equinox
Sep 23 MCE: Lake Chatuge Adventure
Sep 24 Sub-Area 2 Bike Tour: Adair Park to Grant Park
Sep 27 Walk & Talk w/ Ryan Gravel
Sep 28 Beltline PIZZA Lunch Tour
Oct 01 Historic Churches Walking Tour, North
Oct 07 Walk & Talk: Proctor Creek Greenway w/ Stephanie Benfield
Oct 07 Saturday Soiree: Fall Harvest
Oct 14 Volunteer Day: Fernbank Forest
Oct 15 Historic Churches Walking Tour, South
Oct 18 Mystery Supper Club: Kirkwood
Oct 19 Asheville Trip
Oct 29 Historic Olmsted Park Fall Foliage Tour
Nov 01 Mix, Mingle & Dine @ Amara
Nov 02 Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing
Nov 04 Saturday Soiree: Thanksgiving
Nov 05 Eastern Standard Time
Nov 15 Mystery Supper Club: Downtown
Nov 22 John McLaughlin & Jimmy Herring: Meeting of the Spirits
Nov 25 Mother's Finest
Dec 09 2017 Holiday Party
Dec 21 Winter Solstice