Create awareness and strengthen your brand by supporting Urban Explorers of Atlanta...

How to Support Urban Explorers of Atlanta

If you would like to create awareness and strengthen your brand please consider these ideas...

  • Sponsor some of our upcoming Walking Tours
  • Sponsor some of our upcoming Culinary events
  • Sponsor some of our upcoming Cultural Arts events
  • Sponsor some of our upcoming Travel Adventures
  • Host a culinary events for our members at your restaurant
  • Offer discounts to our members
  • Display our logo decal in your place of business
  • Provide or sponsor a chef to cook at one of our private culinary events
  • Order some Group Memberships for your clients or employees
  • Order some Membership Gift Certificates for clients or employees
  • Co-brand a t-shirt order for our members and/or your customers
80% of our members are over 40

Ideal Sponsors

  • Athletic footwear /  sportswear shops
  • Craft breweries
  • Financial service professionals
  • Real estate professionals
  • Restaurants
  • Specialty food shops
  • Wine reatilers and wholesalers

How much and how do I get started?

  • Event sponsorships start at $100
  • Sponsorships are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • We are open to suggestions and are willing to customize a sponsorship programs that works for you
  • Please email our sponsorship co-coordinator and let him know what you have in mind

Thank you.

Member Demographics

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